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Welcome to Air Croatia VA, one and only unique VA in Croatia.

We are happy to introduce you big revival of this VA. For long time it was distinguished, and now finally, it has raised from the ashes. We are using VAM platform, which support FS Keeper, FSAcars, and SIM ACARS Pireps, and live tracking. System is so easy to use for pilots, and so interesting, beacuse of its simplicity, design and functionality. In our fleet we have all possible aircrafts available now on virtual market, so pilots can fly according their wishes, because, we are here for them, not vice versa. All is dedicated for easy flying, logbook keeping, and enjoying your virtual pilot existence in virtual world. Routes are assigned randomly, according interest of pilots and some other variables. HUBS are mainly Croatian, but European and World hubs are expected to be open, as pilots who wish to manage them come aboard.

So, dear pilots, enjoy our site, fly with us, on different events and tours we provide, and overall, fly your dream

Best wishes to all

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NadimakPilotOdlazakDolazakDatumVrijeme leta
ACV287Shiljo  KPDX PHNL 2020-11-25 8.00
ACV287Shiljo  KSFO KPDX 2020-11-24 1.72
ACV287Shiljo  KLAX KSFO 2020-11-24 1.15
ACV287Shiljo  KDFW KLAX 2020-11-23 3.99
ACV287Shiljo  KMSY KDFW 2020-11-21 1.51


Piloti 2
Zrakoplova u floti 21
Ruta 56
Ukupno sati: 2771.12
Letova ukupno 1212
Broj redovnih linija 11
Broj Charter letova 1201
% Redovne linije 0.91 %





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